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The central task of the Federal Ministry of Finance is to shape the fiscal policy and broad orientation of the Federal Government’s economic policy. It therefore has a key steering function…

The principal task of the Federal Fiscal Court (BFH) is to interpret tax laws and, if necessary, to further develop the law in order to ensure the uniform application of laws governing tax…

The Court of Justice is the judicial institution of the European Union and, in cooperation with the national courts of the Member States, ensures that EU law is uniformly interpreted and applied.

The Fiscal Administration is a part of the public administration that is responsible for assessing and collecting taxes.

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry represents the interests of its member companies with respect to local authorities and state governments as well as policymakers and the general public.

On this website, the insolvency courts of the Federal Republic of Germany publish the notices to be issued when insolvency proceedings have been filed with the court.

The Institute of Public Auditors in Germany e.V. (IDW) was established on a voluntary basis to represent auditors and auditing firms in Germany. The IDW is a registered association and its purpose is…

The structure and organisation of the Regional Tax Office (OFD) is based on Article 180 of the Basic Law (Grundgesetz) and on the Financial Administration Act (Finanzverwaltunggesetz). According to these provisions, the Regional Tax Office is the intermediate authority of the State Tax Administration.

Their task is to provide and publish high-quality statistical information that is objective and independent. This information is made available to everyone: politicians, government…

This is the professional body representing all tax consultants practising in the area covered by the Chamber. As a public body, it performs the functions assigned to it by law and represents the interests of its members.

Their aim is to promote and further develop the tax consultancy profession as a liberal profession and as an organ of tax law administration, and to strengthen its position in the public sphere. In this context, the association is particularly committed to the common good and the interests of consumers.

The association provides support to its members in their professional lives through training sessions and other services, which are constantly reviewed by association committees to ensure that they are up to date and useful.

As an umbrella organisation, the German Tax Consultants Association (DStV) has represented the members of the tax consultancy professions in the Federal Republic of Germany since 1975. Our goal is the preservation and promotion of…

It is the role of the Chamber of Public Accountants to monitor the fulfilment of the duties incumbent upon its members and to take action against any violations. In the event of a neglect of duty with minor to moderate levels of culpability, the Board of…

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Wir sind Mitglied der INAA-Gruppe

Mitglied der International Association of Independent Accounting Firms - INAA - (Empfehlungsverbund)

Seit November 2016 ist die Gooßen & Heuermann GmbH Mitglied der INAA-Gruppe (International Association of Independent Accounting Firms,, einem weltweiten Zusammenschluss von unabhängig tätigen Wirtschaftsprüfungs- und Steuerberatungsgesellschaften (Empfehlungsverbund).

Die INAA-Gruppe existiert seit 1992 und hat rd. 100 Mitgliedsfirmen in über 50 Ländern. Diese internationale Kooperation ermöglicht es uns, unsere Mandanten bei ihren Geschäftsvorhaben auch weltweit zu unterstützen. Jedes Mitglied der INAA-Gruppe ist für seine Tätigkeit ausschließlich selbst verantwortlich. Die Mitglieder sind im Verhältnis zueinander weder Teilhaber, noch Partner, Bevollmächtigte oder Vermittler.

Ansprechpartner in unserem Haus bezüglich des INAA- Empfehlungsverbunds ist:
Herr Hans-Ulrich Heuermann – Wirtschaftsprüfer & Steuerberater.